Welcome to the new Tea Lovers website! We are very excited to be able to announce the launch of our new website and hope that you find this updated version of our website far more user-friendly and appealing.

If you do have any difficulties with any of the functions or any questions about the information posted on our website, please let us know - we are, as always, very happy to help!


We would also like to introduce our new teapot/filter - The Handy Brew Teapot Filter 350ml


Handy Brew is the easiest way to brew your favourite tea. The secret to Handy Brew is the amazing patened shut-off system! Handy Brew only dispenses tea when it is placed on top of a cup or mug, simply lift up the Handy Brew teapot, and the shut off system stops the flow instantly. Perfect for making white chocolate chai latte. (Please see below for recipe)

Quick and Easy White Chocolate Chai Latte

Ingredients. (per person)

3 teaspoons of Tea Lovers Premium Quality Chai Masala loose leaf Tea

1/3 cup of Milk

1 heaped teaspoon of White Chocolate chips

Honey or sweetener to taste


Place Tea Lovers Premium Quality Chai Masala Tea leaves into your Handy Brew teapot. Add hot water and steep until tea reaches desired strength and colour.

While tea is steeping, pour milk into a cup or saucepan. Add a heaped teaspoon of white chocolate chips.

Microwave or heat milk until chocolate is melted. Pour milky chocolate mix into a serving cup.

Place Handy Brew on top of the cup and allow tea to pour over the heated milk and chocolate.

Sweeten to taste with honey or your preferred sweetener.


The perfect teapot for the perfect morning tea!

Place one scoop of your favourite Tea Lovers tea in the Handy Brew

Slowly add hot water and close the lid

Steep until desired strength

Simply place Handy Brew on top of your cup*

And watch as your cup fills with tea

Lift the Handy Brew off the cup -

The Automatic shut off system stops flow immediately!

*Small Handy Brew fits any cup with a diameter of up to 7.5cm and the Large Handy Brew fits any cup with a diameter up to 9 cm